2017 Registration for SPRING Tackle is OPEN!


You can contact the Registrar using the form located at the left side of the page – footballnanaimoregistrar@gmail.com

BC Community Football Association have mandated that all football clubs must use a new centrally developed online registration system in order to offer league play football in BC. This new online registration system must be used by everyone who wishes to register regardless of how payment is taking place.

All parents MUST complete steps 1-6 regardless. Please read the instructions carefully. Once read please follow the instructions.

  1. Click ONLINE REGISTRATION link above. This will take you to the central online registration system called eSportsdesk.
  2. sign up for a account
  3. you will receive an confirmation email with password
  4. log into your account from the email and click add/edit family member
  5. click add family member
  6. enter your child’s information and click continue
    1. ensure birthday is correct as you cannot register for teams if it is incorrect
  7. click Register Now at top and click Register Now beside the team or event you wish to register
  8. follow prompts and that’s it!

If you are planning on applying for KidsportJumpstart OR setting up a payment plan please email the Registrar

Registration fees include all necessary equipment, except football cleats and practice jersey.

Deposit cheques are required for TACKLE football registration. These cheques will be returned to you once gear is returned and volunteer hours are filled.

Equipment Deposit cheque: $300.00 post-dated for July 1st for Spring and Dec 1st for Fall.

Volunteer Deposit cheque: $200.00 post-dated for July 1st for Spring and Dec 1st for Fall.

Should you have any questions please leave a message at our Football office at 390-2929 or the contact form here and you will be directed to one of the executive or coaches to answer your questions. Reminder that registration costs are tax deductible. We strive to ensure that all who are interested are able to afford to play.

Contact registration office with any questions at registrar@footballnanaimo.com


What You NeedWhere to RegisterSchedules

  1. Birth Certificate or Drivers License (we need to scan or receive a digital copy of the original documents)
  2. Care Card (we need to scan or receive a digital copy of the original documents)
  3. Registration Payment (online) or completed Kidsport/Jumpstart Form
  4. $300 Cheque post-dated (Spring – July 1, Fall – Dec 1) Gear Deposit
  5. $200 Cheque post-dated (Spring – July 1, Fall – Dec 1) Volunteer Deposit
  6. Parent/Player Concussion Consent Form

Signatures are required from both the player and a parent or guardian.

Register online 

NOTE ** Original Care Card and Birth Certificate are required at the time of registration**

Practices are 2-3 times per week.



  • Atom: 8-10 years old (Born 2007, 2008, 2009) $140.00 ($128 registration + $11 Football Canada Fee + $1 Processing Fee)
    Pee Wee: 11-12 years old (Born 2005, 2006) $140.00 ($128 registration + $11 Football Canada Fee + $1 Processing Fee)

    Junior Bantam: 13-14 years old (Born 2003, 2004) $170.00 ($158 registration + $11 Football Canada Fee + $1 Processing Fee)

    Atom, PeeWee and Junior Bantams teams game days still yet to be determined.  Saturday or Sundays


Price includes, registration fee, all equipment needed to play football except cleats (soccer cleats are fine) and a practice jersey. 

Welcome all players and parents, returning and new, to Football Nanaimo.
We are hopeful that this will be an exciting and rewarding football season. Our goal is to
develop well-rounded young men and women who learn not only the fundamentals of football,
but also the importance of teamwork, in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound mind,
body and character- and having a good time along the way. We practice the ideals of
sportsmanship and physical fitness. Our program stresses learning lessons of value far
beyond the playing days, such as self-discipline, teamwork, concentration, friendship,
leadership and sportsmanship. The coaching staff of Football Nanaimo will do their very best
to ensure that each player is utilized to his/her utmost potential and their talents are
used for the team’s best advantage. The Team comes before individuals.
Safety is our top concern. Many of the exercises, drills, and team rules are there to ensure
your child is physically fit for football. Each child is unique and will develop the skill required at
his/her own pace. They will exercise their bodies and minds in an effort to develop the skills
needed to enjoy the game of football.
Equipment Required
Each player is required to supply the following in order to play football.
· A practice jersey (new or used oversized T-shirt will do)
· Football Nanaimo may have practice jerseys available at a reasonable price
· Football cleats are required as they provide the proper foot and ankle support
· (Metal-tipped cleats are not permitted in our League.)
Players will be issued the following equipment:
· Helmet with facemask and chin strap
· A mouth guard that attaches to the helmet
· Shoulder pads
· Hip, tailbone, thigh, and knee pads
· A game jersey, 1 pair of game pants, belt, (on occasion separate practice pants)
This equipment remains the property of Football Nanaimo, and must be returned to
Football Nanaimo clean and in good condition, at the end of the season. A deposit
must be given for all gear and will be returned to you when the gear is handed in at the
end of the season.
The Team Staff will notify you as to when the gear will be issued.

General Information

Team Rules
· If you don’t practice, you don’t play. All excused absences must be coordinated with the
Team Manager and your coaches.
· What the coaches say goes. Back talking, profanity, or any form of disrespect will result in
disciplinary actions.
· Respect other players. Remember your teammates are working with you, not against you.
Any unnecessary aggression or violence towards another player will result in disciplinary
This also goes for our opponents. Without them, there would be no football game, so we treat
them with respect.
· Take care of your equipment and keep it clean. Let the coaches know if you equipment
needs repair. This is the key to safety.
· Players that arrive at a practice or game without all of the equipment required will not
participate in any contact. Mouth guards and helmets must be worn at all times when on the
· Come to practice prepared to work and play.
· Learn the rules of the game, especially the safety rules.
· Arrive on time for practices and games. i.e. 6:00 pm practice means you are on the field
and in position at 6:00 pm, so you must be a few minutes early. Players are also required
to be at the field at least one hour before game time on game days. Exact times determined
by the coaching staff.
In the FALL the regular season starts on the Labour Day weekend and ends in early November. The playoffs start immediately afterwards with the Provincial Final being played in early December.
Practices start in July and continue until the season ends. Most teams practice three times a
week, Senior Teams in the evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays. Junior
Bantam Teams practice evenings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Peewees practice
evenings on Wednesdays and Fridays. Days and times are subject to change and you will be
informed once the practice schedules have been finalized. Every practice is different, new
skills are learned, problem areas are corrected, and new plays are taught. You will be at a
disadvantage by not making practice on time and regularly. Game days are generally on
Sundays, for the Senior Teams and Saturdays, for the Junior Teams. Away games can be
played either on or off Vancouver Island. The Team Managers with the approval of the Head
Coach will arrange transportation. Junior teams will have all of their games on the Island,
either at Pioneer Park or in Duncan or Victoria.
Transportation for the Senior Teams
· Parents/Player are responsible for arranging transportation to and from practices, and all
home field games.
· Junior Bantam and Pee Wee parents are responsible to provide transportation for all home
and away games.
· The Bantam/Midget Redmen , Football Nanaimo is responsible for transportation of players,
coaches, team managers and equipment to away games. Buses and ferry costs are primarily covered by Football Nanaimo.
Currently with the exceptions; parents/players are responsible to arrange transportation to Comox games,
Cowichan games in Duncan at both Bantam/Midget and to Victoria for Bantam.
· When the game is on the Mainland, the parents/player are responsible to arrange
transportation to and from either Departure Bay Ferry Terminal or Duke Point Ferry Terminal.
· Away games usually take the major part or the entire day. These are long days and we
highly recommend that the players bring water or a sport drink and a nutritious meal/snack or
money to purchase food.
Football Nanaimo is very proud of all our Coaching Staff; they donate their time and talent to
teach our youth how to play the great game of football.
They will:
· Get the players in shape
· Work on individual skills for each position
· Work on team execution of plays
· Motivate, communicate, and lead by positive example
· Perform the “behind the scenes work” that will give the players the
maximum chance of success
· Teach the players the skills they need to play football safely
Coaches must have the freedom to develop three things in their athletes:
pride, poise, and self confidence
They use the following steps to coach the game of football
· Explain what is required
· Demonstrate the technique
· Have the player perform the technique
· Explain the consequences of not performing the technique properly
If you have any concerns with Football Nanaimo’s coaching staff, that you are unable
to resolve with their Head Coach, please contact any member of the Executive.
All concerns will be responded to at the monthly Board of Directors meeting.
Football Nanaimo always welcomes qualified coaches. If you would like to volunteer your time
as a coach please contact any member of the Executive.
Parent Information
Parents are as important to the success of the team as the players. Coaches and parents
must work together. Please keep the coaches informed about problems that may be going on
with your child. If the child has been sick, taking medication, or going through some emotional
trauma please make sure the coaches are made aware of the problem as soon as possible.
Parents and coaches must communicate with mutual respect.
Coaches reserve the right to postpone conversations
that are getting out of hand. Heated discussions have no place in front of the players.
Although many parents have coaching experience, and may have played or coached at a
higher level than the current coaches of the team, the coaches must ask that you refrain from
coaching your kids at home. These kids are being taught to play as a team, each player
performing a set function that his teammates can rely on. A player who abandons his
teammates to do something his parents coached him to do is letting down his team, his
coaches, and himself. At best he may open up the door for the opponent to win the game, at
worst he may cause himself or a teammate to be injured.
Field Duty Days
During the regular season the parents of each team are required to perform field duties for
team. This could include field lining and setup, concession duty, the chain gang, game
commissioner and field equipment take down and storage. We encourage parent to volunteer
their valuable time be involved in their child’s activity.
· Football Nanaimo requires a $200 volunteer deposit cheque
· Volunteer deposit cheque is returned at the end of the season if you have fulfilled your
requirements as set out by your team manager/volunteer co-ordinator.
A season volunteer schedule will be provided at the beginning of each season.
Other Duties
Other positions that each team is required to supply:
· Team Manager and Team Trainer (to apply basic first aid). These positions are required to
work directly with the coaching staff and as such the Head Coach will have the final say on
who ever fills these positions.
· Announcer
· 50/50 sales (this requires 2 people)
· Someone to film the entire game.
· Someone to take pictures throughout the season.
If you feel you can help out please do not hesitate to talk to any member of the Football
Nanaimo Executive.
Football Nanaimo has many forms of fundraising throughout the season. Our Volunteers and
imagination only limit it. Each of our Senior Teams is required to fundraise to cover the cost of
the Team Yearbook and other appropriate items. Our Junior Bantam Coordinator arranges a
Tag Day for our Junior Bantam Teams each season.
· All money from all fundraising activities must be forwarded to Football Nanaimo’s Treasurer
through the Team staff.
· Fundraising expenses will be paid through Football Nanaimo accounts and are required to
be accompanied with appropriate receipts.
· The Team Manager’s are required to coordinate their planned fundraising through the
Fundraising Coordinator. This prevents the possibility of two fundraising activities conflicting
with each other.
Fall Refund Policy
Full refund (Minus $40 administration fee) will be given up to our first League game on Labour Day weekend, thereafter the refund rate will be 50% up to the Roster Freeze, after week 5.
No refunds will be given after the Roster Freeze.

Disciplinary Actions
Running is an everyday part of practice. On those few occasions when it is necessary to
discipline a player for a minor infraction, like failing to pay attention, or talking while the
coaches are talking, the player or team may be asked to run additional laps around the
practice field, do pushups, or perform another exercise. Normally that will be the end of
disciplinary action.
A player will be asked to leave practices early for more severe incidents (i.e. fighting or profanity). If a
parent is not present the player will be supervised until the child is picked up. The last resort is to use
game suspensions. Coaches will use these sparingly. 



Our Football Program qualifies for the KidSport program if necessary. Please call and ask about it or check into it at www.sport.bc.ca

For KidSport form Click Here.



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